Version 4.6.2

Released: March 04, 2024

This version includes the changes from versions 4.4.13, 4.5.10 plus the following:



Updated the dependency versions:

  • redis from 5.0.1 to 5.0.2.

  • django from 4.2.10 to 4.2.11.

  • ruff from 0.2.1 to 0.3.0.

  • sentry-sdk from 1.40.1 to 1.40.6.

  • jsonschema from 4.20.0 to 4.21.1.

  • extract-msg from 0.47.0 to 0.48.0.


Updated the Debian Docker image from 12.4-slim to 12.5-slim.


  • Add clamav to the makefile setup-dev-operating-system-packages target.

  • Move the flanker dependency from the sources to the source_emails app.


  • None

Backward incompatible changes

  • Existing templates that access the file metadata attributes need to be updated to use the new normalized version of the attribute.


  • The Keycloak Docker Compose service will be removed from the Mayan EDMS Docker Compose file into a separate Docker Compose file.

Issues closed