Version 4.2.5

Released: May 21, 2022

Status: Stable



Fixed the asset transformations hash calculation. This fixes the issue where uploading a new file for an asset already added via transformation to a document page would not update the asset image in the document page.

Fixes a wrong parameter in the ImageDraw.Draw usage of the TransformationDrawRectangle transformation.

Added sanity check to reject negative zoom values for the TransformationZoom transformation.


Updated Django from version 3.2.12 to 3.2.13.


Fixed favorite document links reacting to favorite documents beyond the active user.


Fixed the asset image API view docstring. The docstring incorrectly displayed “document” instead of “asset”.

Task manager

Added Celery queue deduplication to the CeleryQueue class. There are no reported cases of duplicated queues but this will prevent possible issues.

Enabled app tests that were added but not enabled.

Added support for runtime removal of queues. This is not used by the core system but is useful for third party apps wanting to remove queues defined by the core apps.

User management

Added a warning message when users attempt to delete their own accounts.


  • Remove unused authentication view.

  • Remove unused event link.

  • Make document version OCR submit view messages translatable.

  • Make file caching purge view messages translatable.

  • Make document file metadata submit view messages translatable.

  • Fix repeated model manager definition in DocumentFilePage models.


  • None

Upgrade process

Docker Compose

Check the Docker upgrading chapter for the complete upgrade process.

Backward incompatible changes

  • None

Issues closed

  • GitLab issue #1104 Links ‘Add to favorites’ and ‘Remove from favorites’ should be shown according to user favorites