Version 4.0.3

Released: June 3, 2021

Status: Stable



Updated dependency versions:

  • django-solo from version 1.1.3 to 1.1.5.

  • python-magic from version 0.4.15 to 0.4.22

Lock manager

Renamed the get_instance() method to get_backend(). This change reflects the purpose of the method which is to return a class and not an instance.

Added test for the purgelocks for all backends.

Added an optional _initialization method for backends. This allows removing initialization code in the global scope.

Updated the RedisLock backend to use a connection pool. The connection resides in the class scope and is available to all instances. Profiling showed reduced connection and memory usage.


Unified Docker tests with staging targets. The staging targets now use the same targets meant for testing.

Replaced underscore in target names with hyphen for uniformity. All target names now use hyphens.

Added a Redis Docker container test targets.


Updated the Docker entrypoint template to support default worker concurrency values. The template now correctly passes the default concurrency value of the D class worker. This lowers the number of workers, in turn lowering the number of concurrent OCR processes for a reduction in CPU and memory usage in default deployments.


Updated the REST API examples for version 4 of the API.


  • Merged updates from version 3.5.9

    • Fix user model theme related field error after deleting a theme already assigned to a user. Closes GitLab issue #972. Thanks to Niklas Maurer (@nmaurer) for the report.

    • Add duplicate document tool tests.

    • Speed up some OCR view tests.

    • Add explicit Docker logout repository in CD/CI jobs.

    • Fix permission required for the document content error list link to match the permission required for the document parsed content error list view. GitLab issue #954. Thanks to Ilya Pavlov (@spirkaa) for the report.

    • Fix permission required for the OCR content delete link to match the permission required for the OCR content delete view. GitLab issue #954. Thanks to Ilya Pavlov (@spirkaa) for the report.


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Upgrade process

Docker Compose

Check the Docker upgrading chapter for the complete upgrade process.

Backward incompatible changes

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Issues closed

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