Version 4.2.8

Released: July 22, 2022

Status: Stable



The GitLab CI file was updated to support releasing testing builds of the Python library and the Docker image separately. The new GitOps branches are releases/testing_docker and releases/testing_python. The existing GitOps branch of releases/testing is preserved and continues to behave as usual.


The following Python dependencies were updated:

  • Django from version 3.2.13 to 3.2.14

  • Pillow from version 8.3.1 to 8.3.2.

  • cryptodome from version 3.10.1 to 3.10.4.

  • PyPDF2 from version 1.26.0 to 1.28.4.

  • Sphinx from version 3.5.4 to 4.5.0.

The Docker Debian base image was updated from debian:11.3-slim to to debian:11.4-slim.

The package firefox-geckdriver was removed from the make file target setup-dev-environment as it is no longer available in recent OS LTS releases.


Fixed the permission requirement of the recently created documents dashboard widget. The widget should filter by document view and not document type view permission.


  • None

Upgrade process

Docker Compose

Check the Docker upgrading chapter for the complete upgrade process.

Backward incompatible changes

  • None

Issues closed

  • GitLab issue #1106 Exception determining pdf page count : Could not find xref table at specified location