Version 4.3.1

Released: August 21, 2022

Status: Stable



The impersonation app template caching was disabled. This ensures the impersonation banner is triggered correctly in all edge cases where multiple frontend processes or load balancers are used.


An issue was fixed where documents uploaded via the wizard with one or more cabinets selected, would not trigger the cabinet added event.


The settings app templates caching was disabled. Just like the impersonation app, this ensures correct functionality of the settings change banner in all edge cases.


Permission filtering was added the source switch links. This change is only visual and does not affect the functionality of the sources.

The permission filtering for the links is the same as the views: The document create permission is required for the source links during document uploads and the document file new permissions is required for the source links in the new document file upload view.


The DownloadFile filename was being ignored when performing the actual download action. The filename attribute is now used if available. If it is not available or set, the fallback value is the string representation of the download file object.


Similar to the document upload cabinet event issue, a tag app issue was fixed that allows now triggering the tag attached event for documents with a tag selected during upload.

Task manager

More verbose errors and exceptions are now displayed to console when Celery fails to initialize.


The make file targets for staging deployments were fixed and improved. A local psql client is not longer required to monitor the launching of the staging PostgreSQL container. Likewise a local Redis client is no longer needed to launch the Redis container.


  • Added make file development targets setup-dev-operating-system-packages and setup-dev-python-libraries.

  • Improve cabinet, metadata, and tag app tests.


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Upgrade process

Docker Compose

Check the Docker upgrading chapter for the complete upgrade process.

Backward incompatible changes

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Issues closed

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