Docker is a container technology. Containers are a standard unit of software that packages up code and all its dependencies.

Mayan EDMS uses Docker as its main distribution method.

By default, the entire software stack is deployed as a single container. This provides an easy way to get started and will be sufficient for several thousand documents.


For larger installations, a distributed deployment will be required where multiple Docker containers are started, each running a different part of the software stack.

This requires deeper Docker knowledge and might require additional software products like load balancers, object storage, container orchestration, monitoring, self healing, among others.

Each multi container deployment is unique and there is no single recommendation or guidance that applies to all. For this reason information on scaling up is not provided as it alone would be the topic of an entire book.

If you or your organization needs to scale Mayan EDMS beyond what is possible with a default installation, commercial services are available and performed by members of the core team.

We have helped hundred of companies scale up Mayan EDMS to host millions of documents with unlimited growth potential as well as creating high availability and fault tolerant deployments.

We would love to meet you and your team to have a discussion. For more details, visit