Environment Variables

The common set of settings can also be modified via environment variables when using the Docker image. In addition to the common set of settings, some Docker image specific environment variables are available.


The Docker image ships with four workers by default. These are named: A, B, C, D. The workers are differentiated by the response time of the tasks they handle. The “A” worker handles the interactive tasks that are expected to complete the fastest and the “D” worker handling the long running tasks.

Worker A

Worker B

Worker C

Worker D



    Optional. Make the Docker container wait for a host and port to become available. Multiple hosts and port combinations are supported.


    -e MAYAN_DOCKER_WAIT="db:5432 redis:6379"

    Optional. Changes the GID of the mayan user internal to the Docker container. Defaults to 1000.


    Optional. Changes the UID of the mayan user internal to the Docker container. Defaults to 1000.


Mayan EDMS


    Optional. Allows loading an alternate settings file.


    Optional. Setting this environment variable to true, will make the entrypoint script skip the initial chwon command on the media folder at /var/lib/mayan.

Operating system


    Specifies a list of .deb packages to be installed via APT when the container is first created. The installed packages are not lost when the image is stopped. Example: To install the Tesseract OCR language packs for German and Spanish add the following in your docker start command line:

    -e MAYAN_APT_INSTALLS="tesseract-ocr-deu tesseract-ocr-spa"



    Specifies a list of Python packages to be installed via pip. Packages will be downloaded from the Python Package Index (https://pypi.python.org) by default.