Version 3.1.2

Released: September 21, 2018


  • Database access in data migrations defaults to the ‘default’ database. Force it to the user selected database instead.

  • Don’t use a hardcoded database alias for the destination of the database conversion.

  • Improve natural key support in the UserOptions model.

  • Update from Django 1.11.11 to 1.11.15.

  • Add support to the convertdb command to operate on specified apps too.

  • Add test mixin to test the db conversion (dumping and loading) of a specific app.

  • Add an user test mixin to group user testing.

  • Add test the user management app for database conversion.

  • Add support for natural keys to the DocumentPageImageCache model.

  • Add database conversion test to the common app.

  • Fix label display for resolved smart links when not using a dynamic label.

  • Only show smart link resolution errors to the user with the smart link edit permission.

  • Intercept document list view exception and display them as an error message.


  • None

Upgrading from a previous version

If installed via Python’s PIP

Remove deprecated requirements:

$ curl | pip uninstall -r /dev/stdin

Type in the console:

$ pip install mayan-edms==3.1.2

the requirements will also be updated automatically.

Using Git

If you installed Mayan EDMS by cloning the Git repository issue the commands:

$ git reset --hard HEAD
$ git pull

otherwise download the compressed archived and uncompress it overriding the existing installation.

Remove deprecated requirements:

$ pip uninstall -y -r removals.txt

Next upgrade/add the new requirements:

$ pip install --upgrade -r requirements.txt

Common steps

Perform these steps after updating the code from either step above.

Migrate existing database schema with:

$ performupgrade

Add new static media:

$ collectstatic --noinput

The upgrade procedure is now complete.

Backward incompatible changes

  • None

Bugs fixed or issues closed

  • None