Mayan EDMS converter app is a performs file format conversion to generate images from documents. This app powers things like the visualization system and the OCR.


Transformations are persistent manipulations to the previews of the stored documents. For example: a scanning equipment may only produce landscape PDFs. In this case a useful transformation for that document source would be to rotate all scanned documents by 270 degrees after being uploaded. By adding this transformation to the Mayan EDMS source that is connected to the scanner, all pages scanned via that source will inherit the transformation as they are created. The result is that whenever a document is uploaded from that scanner, it will appear in portrait orientation, instead of landscape orientation.

Transformations can also be added to existing documents by clicking on a document’s page and then clicking on “transformations”. In this view the Actions menu will have a new option that reads “Create new transformation”. Currently, the available transformations are: rotation, zoom, crop, and resize. Once the document image has been corrected, resubmit it for OCR for improved results.

Transformations are non destructive and do not physically modify the document file, they just modify the document’s graphical representation.