Version 0.12.2

June 2012

This is the second maintenance release of the 0.12 series.


As with the previous release bug fixes and minor feature were the focus for this release too. issue #24 has been fixed and document check outs have been added too as per the feature request posted as issue #26. The way the history events for a document are presented has been improved and it is now more useful as it provides filtering by event type. To improve the diagnosis of installation of runtime error a simple view showing the number of internal interval jobs being used by Mayan EDMS as well as a new app which shows a detail of the current installation environment were added.


Smarter auto admin creation

Mayan EDMS creates a administrator user during the database creation phase to reduce the amount of steps required for a functional install. The creation of this account is controlled by the configuration option COMMON_AUTO_CREATE_ADMIN, the username of the account is specified with the configuration option COMMON_AUTO_ADMIN_USERNAME and the password of this account by the option COMMON_AUTO_ADMIN_PASSWORD. Previously the COMMON_AUTO_ADMIN_PASSWORD defaulted to ‘admin’ which created an administrator account of username ‘admin’ with a password of ‘admin’. The new default is to randomize an initial password and show this password at the login screen until the administrator password is changed.

Document check outs

As per the feature request filed under issue #26, a new document check out and check in functionality has been added. Users can now check out a document and lock new version of it from being uploaded to avoid editing conflicts. Document check outs have an expiration period after which Mayan EDMS will automatically check them back in to avoid a permanent document lockout. Only the user who has checked out a document can upload new versions of it or check the document back in before the expiration period, unless being granted the Allow overriding check out restrictions or Forcefully check in documents permission respectively.

Installation environment app

Diagnosing remote installations of web based applications without access to the command line can be a bit hard, to alleviate this situation a new installation environment details app has been added. The purpose of this app is to provide support staff information about the physical environment where Mayan EDMS has been installed. To avoid possible security compromises only administrators can access this app.

Editable compressed documents filename

Previously when downloading more than one document in a compressed manner, Mayan EDMS would produce a file with the name for download. A different filename can now be specified at the same download dialog.

German translation

A German language translation has been added thanks to Tetja Rediske and Tilmann Sittig.

Statistics gathering

Previous attempts at gathering usage statistics have been met with deficient results. User participation in surveys as well as the quality of the data entered by users was disappointing. That is why this version of Mayan EDMS features an anonymous statistics gathering functionality.

Upgrading from a previous version

Start off by adding the new requirements:

$ pip install -r requirements/production.txt

Migrate existing database schema with:

$ ./ migrate common 0001 --fake
$ ./ migrate common
$ ./ migrate checkouts
$ ./ migrate installation

Add new static media:

$ ./ collectstatic --noinput

The upgrade procedure is now complete.

Backward incompatible changes

  • None

Bugs fixed

  • :github-issue:`24 “Duplicated filename extension when uploading a new version of a document”

  • GitHub issue #26 “checkout feature request”


  • Feedback app