Version 0.11

  • Support for signed documents verification added, embedded and detached signatures are supported. When verifying a document Mayan EDMS will try to fetch the public key from the list of keyservers provided in the configuration option SIGNATURES_KEYSERVERS (which defaults to ‘’). A public key management view has been added to the setup menu as well as a key query and fetching view to manually import keys from a keyserver.

  • Added support for document versions. Users can upload unlimited amount of versions for a document using a very flexible document version numbering system, users can also revert to a previous document version.

  • OCR queue processing improvements.

  • Office documents handling improvements.

  • Text extraction support for office documents.

  • RTF text documents are now handled as office documents.

  • Added a view to delete the document image cache, useful when switching converter backends or doing diagnostics.

  • Added South to the requirements.

  • Merged documents’ filename and extension database fields into a single filename field, filename are store as uploaded not manipulation is done Users with existing data must install South and run the appropriate migrate commands:

    $ pip install -r requirements/production.txt
    $ ./manager syncdb
    $ ./ migrate documents 0001 --fake
    $ ./ migrate documents
  • Added new office document mimetype * application/

  • Fixed documents not saving the file encoding

  • Removed extra slash in ajax-loader.gif URL fixes #15, thanks to IHLeanne for finding this one