Document typesΒΆ

The basic unit of data in Mayan EDMS is the document type. A document type can be interpreted also as a document category, a document class, or a document template. Document types need to be created before documents can be uploaded. It is not possible to upload documents without assigning them a document type. Examples of document type: invoices, blueprints, receipts.

blockdiag Document type Documents


blockdiag Invoice invoice_001.pdf invoice_032.pdf
blockdiag Receipts groceries_18-01-11.pdf car_payment-17-01-02.png

Settings and attributes are applied to document types and documents will inherit those settings and attributes based on the document type they were assigned when uploaded into Mayan EDMS. A document can only be of one type at a given moment, but if needed, the type of a document can be changed. Upon changing its type, the document will lose its previous settings and attributes, and will inherit the settings and attributes of its new type.