Checkouts are a way to block certain accesses or actions of a document for a period of time.

An user can choose to checkout a document to work on an update and block new versions of that document to be uploaded by other users. Document are checked out for a certain amount of time and if not manually checked in by the original user, will be checked in automatically by the system.

To be able to check in documents that were checked out by other users, the permission ‘Forcefully check in documents’ is required.

Mailing documents

Sending emails in Mayan EDMS is controlled by two different system depending on the type of email being sent. These are administrative emails like password reset emails and user emails sent from the application. To configure administrative email for things like password reset check the topic: Administration

Application emails

To allow users to send emails or documents from within the web interface, Mayan EDMS provides its our own email system called Mailing Profiles. Mailing Profiles support access control per user role and can use different email backends. Mailing Profiles are created from the System ‣ Setup menu.

Once created mailing profiles allow users to send email messages from within the user interface containing either an URL link to the document or the actual document as an attachment.