Tags are color coded properties that can be attached or removed from documents. Tags allow giving documents a binary property. Documents can also be tagged with more than one tag.

Once tagged, documents can be searched by their tags. It is also possible to show all the documents tagged with a particular tag via the Documents link of each tag.

To view, add, or remove tags from a specific document, go to the document view and click on the Tags tab. This view will show the current tags of a document. The Actions menu will now show two new options: one to attach more tags to the document and another to remove tags from the document.

It is also possible to tag documents in bulk by selecting several documents from any view that displays a list documents and selecting the Attach tag or Remove tags from the dropdown menu.

Creating tags

Permissions required

The “Create new tags” permission is required for this action.

  1. Go to the Tags ‣ Create menu.
  2. Enter a label to identify the tag.
  3. Select a color for the tag.
  4. Press Submit.

View all tags

Permissions required

The “View tags” permission is required for this action, globally or via an ACL for a tag.

  1. Go to the Tags ‣ All menu.