Password reset

To use the password reset feature, administrative emails need to be configured. These are sent by the system itself and not by the users. Their usage and configuration is different than the email system used to share documents via email.

Sending administrative emails

To be able to send password reset emails configure the Django email settings via the configuration file.


EMAIL_BACKEND: django.core.mail.backends.smtp.EmailBackend
EMAIL_HOST: '<your smtp ip address or hostname>'
EMAIL_HOST_PASSWORD: '<your smtp password>'
EMAIL_HOST_USER: '<your smtp username>'
EMAIL_PORT: 25  # or 587 or your server's SMTP port

To change the reference URL in the password reset emails on in the default document mailing template modify the COMMON_PROJECT_URL setting. For information on the different ways to change a setting check the Settings topic.

To test the email settings use the management command sendtestemail. Example: sendtestemail