Indexes can be exported as FUSE filesystems. Using the management command mountindex we could export the previous example index as follows:

mkdir -p ~/indexes/products
mayan-edms.py mountindex product-sheets-per-year ~/indexes/products


The mountindex command works in a similar way to the operating system mount command. That is, it will not produce output when used. However, unlike the mount command, it will run in the foreground which might give the impression of the command “freezing” and not working. It is also possible to use the & operator to run mountindex in the background.

The ~/indexes/products directory will now have a directory and files structure identical to that of the index. Once indexes are mounted with this command, they behave like any other filesystem directory and can even be further shared via the network with network file system software like Samba or NFS.

blockdiag Product sheets per year Block device (Hard drive) Network Users mirroring

Indexes and mirrored indexes are Read Only as they are generated as a result of prior activities like document uploads, metadata changes.