Document files

New in version 4.0.


Previous to version 4.0, there was no distinction between a document file and a document version. In addition, each document version had a 1 to 1 relationship to a document file. That relationship extended to the pages and their layout.

Mayan EDMS support creating multiple files in relation to a single document. In essence, the Document is a file container.

blockdiag Document Files

When a new file is uploaded, by default a new document version is created. The new version page layout will match the page layout of the uploaded file. The page layout of the document version can be updated without affecting the page layout of the uploaded document files.

blockdiag Document File 1 Version 1 File 2 Version 2 Upload Upload
blockdiag File pages File Version pages Version

If more than one file was uploaded for a given document, the pages all of the document files are available to be mapped to any number of document versions that users may which to created. This allows reconfiguring or remapping the pages of the uploaded files in a non-destructive way.

blockdiag File 1 page 1 File 1 page 2 File 2 page 1 File 2 page 2 Version page 1 Version page 2 Document files Document version

The uploaded files are never modified, using the remapping function, only the document version (which acts a the visual representation of the document) is modified.

The document files are the source material, providing a collection of pages, from which users can pick and choose to assign to the document versions.

Document files may be deleted in order. Deleting a document file will cause all document version pages that are mapped to it to also be deleted.

Only the interactive document sources (Sources) (Web and Staging folders) are available to upload new document files.

There is no limit to the number of files a document can have.

By default, the last file will be shown when working with the document but any of the files can be inspected and viewed.


If is possible to apply transformations to document file pages. Transformations applied to a document file page will be reflected on any document version page that maps to it. Subsequent document version page transformation can also be applied. Since document file pages are the source material for document version pages, any change in the transformations of the document file page will reflect on the document version page also. However transformations applied a document version page will not be reflected on the source document version file.


When a document file is uploaded the actual filename of the file is retained and used as the download filename including its original extensions if any. When a document file is downloaded, the exact file that was uploaded will be obtained.