Performing backups

To perform a backing up of a Mayan EDMS installation, two things need to be backed up:

  1. Document files

    To backup the existing data, stop the image and copy the content of the volume.

    The list of volumes can be obtained with the command:

    docker volume ls

    The pertinent volume to backup is mayan_app.

    Obtain the physical location (Mountpoint) of the volume with the following command:

    docker volume inspect mayan_app | grep 'Mountpoint'

    Create a backup copy of the location:

    sudo tar -zcvf mayan-files.tar.gz /var/lib/docker/volumes/mayan_app/_data
  2. Database

    Use the database vendor’s respective backup procedures or utilities.

Restoring from a backup

  1. Document files

    Uncompress the backup archive in the original docker volume using:

    sudo tar -xvzf mayan.tar.gz --directory /var/lib/docker/volumes/mayan_app/_data
  2. Database

    Use the database vendor’s respective restore procedures or utilities.