Accessing outside data

To use Mayan EDMS’s staging folders or watch folders from Docker, the data for these source must be made accessible to the container. This is done by mounting the folders in the host computer to folders inside the container. This is necessary because Docker containers do not have access to host data on purpose. For example, to make a folder in the host accessible as a watch folder, add the following to the Docker command line when starting the container:

-v /opt/scanned_files:/scanned_files

The command line would look like this:

docker run ... -v /opt/scanned_files:/scanned_files mayanedms/mayanedms:latest

Now create a watch folder in Mayan EDMS using the path /scanned_files and the documents from the host folder /opt/scanned_files will be automatically available. Use the same procedure to mount host folders to be used as staging folders. In this example /scanned_files was used as the container directory, but any path can be used as long as:

  • the path not an already existing path

  • the path is not used by any other program

  • the path is a single level path